How to Reduce Underpayments

Learning how to reduce underpayments is integral to a healthcare collection

Learning how to reduce underpayments is integral to a healthcare collection organization’s strategy for maintaining financial health and ensuring that services are adequately compensated. There are, however, effective strategies to mitigate underpayments, including ensuring audits and compliance, and improving the patient registration process.

Audits and Compliance: Ensuring Accuracy and Adherence

Another vital aspect of how to reduce underpayments involves conducting regular audits and ensuring compliance with billing standards. DataManagedServices offer sophisticated audit tools that can systematically review and analyze claims before submission. These tools compare claims against a comprehensive database of billing rules and regulations, ensuring that each claim is compliant and accurately reflects provided services. By identifying and rectifying errors beforehand, healthcare providers can avoid costly penalties and underpayments, fostering a culture of compliance and accuracy.

Improving the Patient Registration Process

The key to accurate billing and reduced underpayments lies in the patient registration process. Even minor inaccuracies during this initial step can have a ripple effect, leading to underpayments. This is where dataManagedServices can make a real difference. By integrating advanced verification tools, this solution can verify patient information, insurance details, and eligibility in real-time, significantly reducing the potential for errors. By ensuring accurate and complete patient data from the start, collection organizations can streamline the billing process, minimize claim denials, and enhance revenue integrity.

Understanding how to reduce underpayments is essential when aiming to safeguard your healthcare organization’s financial stability. By leveraging DataManagedServices, like those offered by TEC Services Group, collection organizations can ensure audits and compliance, and improve the patient registration process. These technological interventions provide a pathway to reducing underpayments, securing revenue, and allowing providers to focus on delivering quality care. For detailed information on TEC Services Groups DataManagedServices and how we can transform your revenue cycle management, click here.


Sedric is an innovative technology that is being deployed at the highest levels of our industry. When combined with leading omnichannel systems, Sedric can deliver real-time compliance management, voice analytics, and reporting on all forms of communication to guarantee your agency is doing everything possible to deliver amazing customer experiences.


Intelligent Contacts is one of the leading omnichannel solutions in the market today. By combining customer payment opportunities in line with your dialer and telephony platforms, they are changing the game when it comes to effective and efficient consumer engagement.


As a premier solution for enterprise organizations, C&R’s Debt Manager platform is designed to provide the most flexible and compliant solution on the market. Debt Manager is used by the world’s largest banks and governments, along with some of the ARM industry’s largest collection companies.


Latitude by Genesys is one of the leading technologies for mid-market and enterprise companies. With a long history in both first-party agency management and third-party collections, Latitude’s functionality is built for the end user. Administrative tasks become easy while remaining flexible for your changing business operations.

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