Five Ways to be Prepared for the ACA International Convention

Ready for the ACA International Convention?

Conferences, like the ACA International Convention, can be an incredible opportunity to network, learn, and grow your business. However, to make the most of ACA International, it’s essential to come prepared. In this blog post, we’ll discuss five ways to ensure you are thoroughly ready to attend this year’s, leaving you with actionable items and valuable takeaways for your business.

  1. Set Clear Goals Before You Leave

Before you even step foot into the conference venue, defining your goals for attending is crucial. Ask yourself what you want to achieve, and set specific, measurable objectives. These could include:

  • Networking: Establish a target number of new contacts you’d like to make.
  • Learning: Identify specific topics or sessions you want to explore.
  • Business Growth: Determine how the conference can help you identify new opportunities or improve your processes.

Having clear goals will help you stay focused and make the most of your time at the conference.

  • Schedule Meetings Ahead of Time

Conferences can be hectic, and missing out on valuable networking opportunities is easy if you don’t plan ahead. Before leaving for the conference, reach out to potential contacts, colleagues, or speakers you’d like to meet. Schedule meetings, coffee chats, or meals to ensure you have dedicated time for networking and collaboration.

Use social media and conference apps to connect with others attending the event. This will help you expand your network and create a solid agenda of meetings before you arrive.

  • Determine What You’re Trying to Get from the Conference for Business Growth

To truly benefit from attending a conference, you must identify how it can help move your business forward. Focus on the following aspects:

  • New Connections: Networking can lead to potential partnerships, collaborations, or even new clients. Seek out attendees who share your interests or can offer new perspectives on your industry.
  • Industry Insights: Stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in your field by attending keynotes and panel discussions.
  • Innovative Ideas: Learn about new tools, techniques, and strategies that can improve your business operations or help you stand out in the market.
  • Choose the Right Educational Tracks

Conferences like ACA International often offer a variety of educational tracks, which can be overwhelming. To make the best use of your time, carefully review the schedule and choose sessions that align with your goals and interests. Consider:

  • Relevance: Prioritize sessions that directly apply to your current business goals.
  • Expertise: Look for sessions led by thought leaders or experts you admire.
  • Variety: Balance your schedule with a mix of keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops to keep things engaging and informative.

Remember to be flexible and open to change – you might discover a hidden gem or an unexpected opportunity by attending a session outside of your initial plan.

  • Maximize Your Experience with Additional Tips

To fully prepare for a conference, consider the following additional tips:

  • Stay Organized: Use a digital or physical calendar to keep track of your sessions, meetings, and networking events.
  • Bring Business Cards: While this seems common sense, we’ve seen plenty of conference attendees who run out of business cards before the close of the show. Ensure you have enough business cards to hand out to new contacts.
  • Take Notes: Jot down key takeaways and ideas during sessions to review later.
  • Follow-Up: After the conference, quickly follow up with the contacts you made to nurture relationships and explore potential collaborations.

By following these five strategies, you’ll be thoroughly prepared to attend a conference and make the most of your experience. Remember to set clear goals, plan meetings in advance, focus on business growth, choose relevant educational tracks, and maximize your experience with additional tips. With proper preparation, you’ll leave the conference with valuable insights and actionable items to drive your business forward. TEC Services Group and HealthCareTEC will be in attendance. We look forward to seeing you there!


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